Lake Express enters ferry transport market

The sleek Lake Express is crossing Lake Michigan smoothly and more quickly than any other ferry in the lake’s history, but its debut has included procedural bumps. The level of interest is high – so high that potential customers sometimes can’t leave a voice message. The mailbox has been full Sometimes there is no answer.(…)

Maritime museums Maine to Manitowoc

You don’t need sea legs to appreciate the work that gets done in water, be it commercial fishing, cargo hauling or the cruising of tourists. Maritime attractions that show how far we’ve come, and how we got there, are plentiful – both close to home and far away. Here are examples. — I spent a(…)

Waterparks, workshops fit for summer

It’s time to begin making summer vacation plans. Need fresh ideas? We are happy to assist. — The waterpark wars continue in the Wisconsin Dells. Who has the biggest, the best, the most imaginative? There are many ways to measure success, both indoors and out. Kalahari Waterpark Resort, which has an African theme, introduces two(…)

Bicycle trails, tours plentiful throughout state

Maybe you’d love a European vacation but can’t afford the airfare, or maybe you’d like to know Wisconsin more intimately but don’t want to bumble around on your own. If the thought of exercising while vacationing sounds appealing, consider this: Europe in Your Back Yard, an Oct. 3-8 bicycling trip through southwestern Wisconsin. It is(…)

Chefs Collaborative cooks with local food

Back in the 1970s, I spent five summers at the Schwartz Hotel in Elkhart Lake, working as a waitress to pay my way through college. Those are fond memories, even though we’d get only one meal off – not a full day – during the busiest summer weeks. College students from as far away as(…)

Notable bowling lanes, museums, history

At the corner of West Lincoln and South 20th streets are two Milwaukee landmarks, one sprawling and dignified, the other tiny and irreverent. Both attest to Wisconsin’s identity. Forest Home Cemetery is the resting place of the sausage maker Usinger and beer brewer Pabst, actors Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontane, a handful of governors, numerous(…)

Choose a personal retreat to relax, inspire

One event that I’m looking forward to this fall is a women’s retreat that my church is organizing in Green Lake. I know it will be a great way to get to know myself, and other people whom I already respect, just a little bit better. Maybe you also need a place to hide or(…)

What’s new? B&Bs, beer, books, bike ride

OK, that’s it. Time to stay home for a change, and deal with the mounds of press releases that engulf this desk. It’s both spring cleaning and a way to give lots of answers to the innocent inquiry of “what’s new?” Check out these little news flashes, then gas up the car. New digs: There(…)

Food tour introduces Chicago neighborhoods

Baklava is not always made with honey, chocolate-sauce desserts are not always sweet, and tapioca balls are a quirky way to liven up a fruit smoothie. One good way to learn about food, especially ethnic items, is to head to Chicago for a Neighborhood Sampling tour. That’s how I spent about five hours on a(…)

‘Quest for Immortality’ dwarfs King Tut show

It is the most empty exhibit room at the Milwaukee Public Museum that perhaps will pack the biggest wallop from now until August. The 50-foot-long re-creation of a pharaoh’s 15th century burial chamber – its walls filled with the intricate details of a sacred script, but otherwise bare – is a part of what makes(…)