Cooking with beer, brandy at Schlitz campus, Appleton brewery

Cooking with alcohol used to mean little beyond a splash of beer in a crock of cheese soup or tub of simmering brats. Now ales, stouts and spirits show up in almost all courses, if you know where to look. — The Brown Bottle, a tasting room and tavern for Milwaukee’s Schlitz Brewing Co. since(…)

Milwaukee: new Blue Ribbon City emerging on Pabst campus

Two things make this Milwaukee brewery tour atypical: Your free pint is tapped before the sightseeing begins, and five minutes – tops – are spent talking about how beer is made. What visitors learn will pertain much more to advertising, architecture, relationships and rebirth than hops, lagers, filters and fermentation. The 90-minute tour at Best(…)

Whipping up lots of suds in Madison with craft beer

Nowhere in Wisconsin does the craft of contemporary brewing seem more contagious than Madison and Dane County. The area is filling growlers and opening new breweries at an appreciable rate. It’s not any one place’s level of production that raises eyebrows, but the proliferation of like-minded businesses, neighborhood brewpubs to production plants with ambitious goals.(…)

Mile-High Denver: Home to more breweries/brewpubs or pot shops?

Under an I-25 overpass, one block from a power plant and almost 1,000 miles from home, I catch a whiff of Wisconsin in Denver. This is about beer, folks, not marijuana – although the latter has drawn tons of attention since Jan. 1, when pot was legalized for recreational purposes in Colorado. There are 54(…)

Bach’s legacy makes Leipzig a City of Music

Under glass is a letter of complaint from the church choirmaster, making a plea for more musicians and lamenting that some boys under his tutelage couldn’t carry a tune. He used 55 voices, ages 12 to 20, about one-third of the total available to him. He worked obsessively, typically producing one cantata – composition for(…)