Major Nuremberg brat exhibit opens in Germany

You say you love bratwurst? Germany’s Bavaria is centuries ahead of us in that regard, and now a new exhibit in Nuremberg’s local history museum is devoted to the sausage. The show about Nuremberg Rostbratwurst fills the first level of Stadtmuseum Fembohaus and is a first step toward deciding whether the city should open a(…)

A few pros, cons of river cruise vacations

Living out of a suitcase usually is an irritating necessity when a trip involves multiple cities, states or countries. You can stay in one place to avoid a jumble of hotels, but that means renting a car or riding trains to and from home base, which can eat up a lot of time. Cruising is(…)

Germany at Christmas: Seiffen’s holiday spirit lasts all year

In the Erzgebirge Mountains of eastern Germany, one hill away from the Czech Republic border, the charm and promise of Christmas prevail all year. In Seiffen, population 2,500, about 100 shops sell finely crafted nutcrackers, candle arches, rotating pyramids, tree ornaments, smokers (which burn incense) and other figurines that mark the season. Angels, snowmen, pot-bellied(…)

Bach’s legacy makes Leipzig a City of Music

Under glass is a letter of complaint from the church choirmaster, making a plea for more musicians and lamenting that some boys under his tutelage couldn’t carry a tune. He used 55 voices, ages 12 to 20, about one-third of the total available to him. He worked obsessively, typically producing one cantata – composition for(…)