Molly O: ‘Justified,’ and beyond the Heymakers

“Justified” is a prevailing theme in Molly Otis Stoddard’s life lately, especially since that’s the title of her first music release in nearly two decades, and first solo album. The Northwoods ode to free speech and expression comes 24 years after the single “Chasing Something Called Love” hit the Top 50 for Molly and the(…)

Odes to rock ‘n’ roll in Clear Lake, Iowa

The half-mile walk between northern Iowa cornfields leads to a pinwheel of copper Jell-O molds and, lower to the ground, stainless steel cutouts of a guitar and a pair of wings. People who make this fence-line trek tend to leave a little something behind: loose change, notes, scarves, ribbons, flags, beads, needlepoint, necklaces, flowers. The(…)

Lodging where music is taken seriously

It’s pretty easy to find lodging and live music under the same roof, especially on weekends or in metro areas, but rare is the business whose music is a higher priority than overnight accommodations. My four examples start close to home. — When the 10th annual Steel Bridge Songfest happens June 12-15 in Sturgeon Bay,(…)

Bach’s legacy makes Leipzig a City of Music

Under glass is a letter of complaint from the church choirmaster, making a plea for more musicians and lamenting that some boys under his tutelage couldn’t carry a tune. He used 55 voices, ages 12 to 20, about one-third of the total available to him. He worked obsessively, typically producing one cantata – composition for(…)