Lovely lodging of 2015: from Midwest spa, farm to historic Cusco hotel

Feeling at home while away is a beautiful thing, but definitions of comfort differ. I liked the looks of these places while at work during 2015. Buckingham Inn, 1615 Summit Ave., Madison: Almost in the shadow of Camp Randall football stadium at the University of Wisconsin is bed-and-breakfast lodging in three suites that stay true(…)

Vietnam: hard-working culture not homogeneous

Last in a series. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi, shows how wrong it is to presume the country’s culture is homogeneous. Although Viet people make up nearly 86 percent of the population, 53 other ethnic groups call this home. That includes the Hmong, who tend to farm in steep, northern highlands. Nuances in dialect,(…)

Vietnam: Reminders of war turn into tourist attractions

Part two of a series. — Several of Vietnam’s top tourist attractions are often-graphic and filtered reminders of armed conflict. Military aircraft, tanks and torture devices tell decades-old stories of strife at the War Remnants Museum, earlier known as the American War Crimes Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. The repository, both thoughtful and grim,(…)