Back at it, with a big twist

Much of this website’s contents doubles as an archives for my syndicated travel/food newspaper columns, which began in 2002. I was hoping to make it to 20 years, but that goal was dashed when my last customer discontinued its features section.

So I decided to take an online break and concentrate on other writing projects, which include my sixth book, to be published in spring 2023.

I’m also going to try sharing the best travel/food ideas from my digital mailbag. I get a fair amount of notices that might interest you too.

What you’ll see – at least for a while – is a quick copy/paste of what I consider relevant press releases from places accessible and of interest to average people, especially folks in the Midwest U.S. and particularly my home state of Wisconsin.

FYI: No one is paying me to post these items. If that changes, you’ll know because I will add a “sponsored post” line.

Let me know if this digital content approach is helpful. For me, the motive is to build my online traffic and perhaps, at some point, add customized advertising.

– Mary Bergin